Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

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While most of my Christian fundamentalist family members would say that at some point after my Father passed over to the other side I departed from by faith in the Bible and the message of its Christ, nothing could actually be further from the truth. His passing and my affliction of PTSD afterwards did however force me to ask some serious theological questions regarding what I was told about life, death and the hereafter; I never turned my back on my belief in the man Yeshua or his message. What I did do was go on a spiritual journey into other faiths seeking the peace that the Christian religion could no longer give me. Deep within my soul I knew that something was missing from what I had been taught or told and the answers had to be out there somewhere. As history has shown and is showing more and more everyday; Yeshua himself studied the faiths all around him as well in preparation for his ministry intended to update the Eternal Truth hidden inside us all. Of course when Buddhism, Hinduism, Gnosticism and other interpretations of the Divine take you to roads where meditation, altars, incense and yoga are commonplace you had better expect the stink eye in a culture where all of that is considered to be from the apex of God’s creation otherwise known as SATAN!



Even to this day I am still hounded by many to leave behind all the knowledge I have gained from that journey such as reincarnation and the like in order to simply swallow the official story of the church in all its glorified deletion of facts. This constant nagging is proof positive that those of us out there who have crossed thresholds of the metaphysical ought to just keep our mouths shut in the presence of dogma and simply return speeches with smiles and nods. This practice will keep you out of many headache filled nights of trying to explain that most of what Yeshua taught was a direct lift from Buddha. Don’t bother with any of that. It will not get you or them anywhere at all. My journey into the metaphysical teachings transpired in the last leg of my marriage and suburban life of monotony and while I suspected that this journey was certainly taking me somewhere, the destination of Heaven, Hell, Limbo and to the Hottest Angel of Death I ever met were the last places I had ever anticipated.

Alongside my spiritual awakening the appeal of going completely homeopathic was also on the agenda and that would take me to a vitamin shop in my town which also happens to be a thinly veiled doorway between the worlds where entities from all over the Sephiroth just so happen to converge in one location. Obviously when I first began frequenting it for my supplements I had no clue I was walking into a place very much like Midnite’s Club from the movie Constantine. After a few visits, the owner/gatekeeper of the shop, Ayden, requested I come to the back with him and discuss the theo-politics I had been spreading to anyone who would listen. At first I thought this invitation was simply because I was oh so clever and could rattle off countless hours of what I had been learning with a near photographic memory. Little did I know that it was more of an assessment by Ayden, the gatekeeper, to discern exactly why I was wearing the Eye of Isis around my neck as well as to give me a completely world changing peek into the other side.

Retired to a vitamin shop.

As I spoke for about twenty or so many the unexpected transpired when Ayden’s eyes moved from mine, to the necklace and then back to mine in a silent exchange which culminated in his pupils shifting to that of a reptile and then back again with a smirk. Due to the fact that there was another older gentleman sitting beside me with his feet soaking in undetermined bubbling goo I refrained from bursting out with a “Holy shit! You’re a fucking reptilian shapeshifting mother fucker from a different dimension!” even though the voice in my head said exactly that. Though I am positive that the only physical reaction I had was a double take and a brief hiccup in my speech I otherwise didn’t let on that I had even seen it. But I had and once I had there was no going back to any sense of living a “normal” life whatsoever.

As I walked through the door of my suburban home I was still rolling the event over and over again in my head. My wife was toiling about in the kitchen and gave me a greeting which I don’t really remember due to my mind being elsewhere. I needed to talk about this so obviously my closest companion would hear what I had to say and not think I was crazy…right?

“Um, sweetheart, do you know all that stuff David Icke talks about? The reptilian shapeshifting thing?” I asked.

“Yeah, what about it?” she responded without turning to face me.

“Well…I’m pretty sure I just met one.”

Now she turned to me and her hand propped up on her hip.

“What?” She asked.

“Reptilian shapeshifters. I just met one down at the vitamin shop.” I said, still a little shell shocked by the experience.

My ex-wife did this thing with her eyes where she rolled them around once and when a rotation was complete they stopped while she was looking up and to the left with a sort of glitch action as if her eyes were having a seizure. She typically did this when she was dismissive, didn’t like what I had to say or was on her period. I took it as a non-verbal indication that she was thinking ‘Why did I ever marry this lunatic?’ and I think that assessment is probably correct.

“Are you okay? Are you on something?” she asked.

With a huff I hung my keys on the hook and sat my supplements on the table before approaching her with a very serious look on my face. I wanted her to see in my face that what I was saying was the absolute truth and while I tolerated her disapproval of my new spiritual practices I really needed her to believe in me this time.

“No, listen because I’m not messing around. I was down at the vitamin shop talking to the owner about some stuff and he looked right at me with normal eyes then for a small moment they changed to slits and then back again. He kinda gave me this smirk when it happened like he wanted me to see it just long enough for me to notice it. I know it sounds crazy and you think I’ve been watching too many videos on YouTube but I swear to you, this really just happened and I don’t know what to make of it.” I pleaded.

“Uh, yeah. So I was thinking we could go down and visit my mom this weekend, are you okay with that?” she asked changing the subject with a ham-fisted segue.

Then again we were on the subject of serpents so switching the topic to my ex mother in law wasn’t in fact too far a leap now was it? So I was forced to tuck the entire experience away in my own mind with the intention to figure it all out alone. That’s a very sobering notion when you have slipped a ring on someone’s finger with the expectation of them being your bestest buddy ever. It was apparent to me then that my trek across the veil of the Universe was either going to be alone or at the most I was going to have a very long tether attached to someone kicking and screaming the whole way across. Either way, I pressed on with the transformation of my mind, body and soul through the raising of the kundalini all the way up to the third eye.

Along the journey certain books came to me in very synchronistic ways, like building blocks of knowledge being placed one atop the other in just the right order. Books about astral travel were the foundation for books about chakras and the Akashic records otherwise known as the Great Library of Light. The sequence at which this information came to me was too perfect to simply be by random chance and circumstance and I quickly began to see that the Universe was in fact directing my path quite intently and meticulously. The cement of this realization came in the form of The Alchemist, a book I highly recommend in that if anything it explains that rapid successions of coincidence are actually omens in which the Spirit of the World guides those sensitive enough to listen. After racing through from beginning to end the awareness of following synchronicity was second nature to me and I knew better than to ever dismiss things as “mere coincidence” ever again. This new manner of ‘seeing the code of the matrix’ as I call it ultimately lead me to my first meeting with Paulo, the interdimensional key traveler. Well I say my first meeting but as I have mentioned several times before, most of what I am relaying are the memories of a dead man stuck in my head that sometimes have the persistence of trying to pass themselves off as mine. Synchronicity is what brought Paulo into my consciousness.



I am an unabashed Radiohead fan and will go to all of my past, present and future graves attesting to the depth of the lyrical genius that is spawned by the minds of these musicians. So there is no need to go into great detail describing my excitement when my ex-wife bought tickets to see them in Atlanta for the King of Limbs tour. We got the tickets about a month in advance so the only thing on my mind for those thirty odd days was Radiohead and nothing else. I spent all my free time reading about them or listening to all their past releases which ultimately lead me to something called the Tenspiracy of Radiohead. After stumbling upon it and the revelations it brought the right side of my brain felt as if any moment it was going to explode in ecstatic enlightenment. Essentially the Radiohead Tenspiracy is something that once fully grasped and experienced melts away the boundaries of space and time for those so inclined and fortunate to have followed the band since the beginning and I am happy to say that I am one of those fortunate ones.

Here is how it worked; ten years after Radiohead blew the music world away with their groundbreaking album OK COMPUTER they released another album called IN RAINBOWS on October 10th of 2008. Now keep in mind the original working title for OK COMPUTER was called Zeros and Ones or the very fabric of computer language we call binary. The other obvious thing to notice is that there are ten letters in the titles of both albums that again were released ten years apart. Now Radiohead announced the release of IN RAINBOWS only ten days in advance and it is also notable that it only has ten tracks. Prior to its release the band released cryptic messages via their website which all conspicuously featured the roman numeral X in them ending with a photo of the band drinking tea on the 10th of October. Other than these little hints the group gave no clear reason as to why they were drawing our attention to binary code regarding those two albums which when listened to alone are mystically enlightening. However where the real mastery of time and space come in is what was discovered a little later.

If you take the first album, OK COMPUTER, and play the first track followed by a ten second crossfade before playing the first track from IN RAINBOWS and proceed to overlap the two albums together what you actually end up with is a hidden mega album which tells a story much like Pink Floyd’s The Wall only it took the span of ten years for the two to become one. The mega, hidden album is known as 0110 and folks on YouTube have been so kind as to interlace it together for your listening pleasure so you don’t have to do any of the work. I myself ripped that bad boy off the net and loaded it into my MP3 player as soon as I found it, excited that there was some new Radiohead in some form or fashion that I had yet to tickle my ears with. The first time I heard it all the way through was while driving to Augusta Georgia for a job where the more than two hours on the road would allow me the experience without interruption. The road was open, the sun was shining, the clouds were puffy and white as trees of green blurred past my windows while I immersed myself in this new story I had listened to for more than a decade but never before been able to put the pieces of the puzzle in the correct order until that day.

Dick Clark once said that music is the soundtrack of our lives and the ironic thing about that is the person whose body I now reside in just so happened to play Dick Clark in a school play when he was around seven years of age. So the idea of music actually being the literal soundtrack of your life is something I am more than able to relate to. That being said when the memories attached to OK COMPUTER I had formulated merged with the memories I had attached to IN RAINBOWS it seemed as if a tear in the space-time fabric occurred to me while driving down the interstate. Thoughts, feelings and emotions from an 18 year old young man interlaced like DNA from beginning to end with a 28 year old young man I could feel an entire decade collapsing within my body, mind and spirit. 0110 had acted as a zipper over the surface of my consciousness and as suddenly as I realized the actual album was telling the story of reincarnation, death, life then rebirth the revelation that the story was actually about me hit my third eye harder than a semi-truck. No, I am not saying that Radiohead wrote the lyrics to all those songs specifically with me in mind however what I am saying is that the Universe itself directed them in a unique way to reach me with a message that can also reach countless others uniquely as well and the message is this; you are dead. You have died countless times, are dying countless times and will die countless times…yet here you are, alive. All our memories are the memories of the dead from the days, months, years and eons before our consciousness snaps into the one place where life can only truly exist, the present tense. There is no such thing as death in the manner of which we have been told rather death is merely a doorway inviting us into the realm of timeless life. How often are we ignoring the invitation to walk through that door? I know that for me the realization of these things allowed me to finally escape Samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth and slap the roof of Nirvana. I had achieved Zen in the car.

Can enlightenment be as simple as listening to a couple of hours of Radiohead while on a long drive? Why not? Enlightenment doesn’t take years to achieve in caves, under trees or wandering in the desert. No, all of that is just preparation for when it spontaneously happens in the twinkling of an eye or when it catches you by surprise like a thief in the night. After my experience I had the distinct feeling that someone else was in my head perhaps in embryo stage, yet still there. From that point on I would feel that person grow little by little and eventually they grew to a point of overtaking my limbs, my gestures, my tone and mannerisms. Little did I know then that the person that was growing was the actual me and the person that died in the car was the ego of my former self along with my former life. Perhaps this process of death and rebirth accelerated after meeting Ayden the Gatekeeper of the vitamin shop with the terrifying realization that we indeed are not alone but there was no doubt that when Paulo showed up the next leg of my internal evolution would begin the process of shedding the last remnants of the person the world had associated with the particular face I adopted. And to think, the whole ordeal happened to hang on a simple key hanging from around my neck.




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