Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

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It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord. I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven. And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.  -2nd Corinthians 12


I always find it most peculiar that ardent followers of the Bible will argue with you until they are blue in the face that the accounts of those who penned it indeed did have such supernatural experiences as Paul; yet if you relay the fact to them that you too perhaps have had visions or were transported to other realms they quickly scoff at you. They automatically attribute modern day experiences of the supernatural to either hallucinations or demonic activity and very rarely give your experiences much credence. This is odd to me seeing as how the Bible itself declares that we would be able to perform greater miracles than the Christ actually performed and there is indeed a generation where visions and dreams will play an intricate role in the storyline of the human species. You would think that a large group of people who believe in an eminent return of the messiah would be a little more intellectually open to accounts of the paranormal regardless of religious titles. Especially during what they would deem to be “the last days”, whatever that means.

While studying the Bible myself I often wondered what it must have been like for the prophets of old to be snatched from the material world all our senses have been conditioned to process as reality, and taken outside of space and time to see realms the human mind cannot fully process. I imagined the sheer terror that must have first weighed down upon them after seeing with the spiritual third eye the greater Universe around us that few ever get the chance to glimpse. It was very understandable to me that the first instinct men typically have when encountering a high ranking angel is to bow in fear (though this is obviously not the best practice and heavily advised against by the angels themselves.) and a sort of worship. Speaking from experience, it is one thing to simply believe these things are possible and that they have happened to others; however it is a completely new ball game when it actually happens to you personally.

While in my youth I did indeed have visions and revelations, up until my 30’s I cannot say I had ever had an experience comparable to those of Daniel, Ezekiel or any of the other prophets or apostles. To tell you the truth I didn’t know if I ever really wanted to cross that veil, and looking back after I indeed did, I fully understand why. These experiences did not come about easily mind you; a great amount of discipline was required on my part. I had walked the path of Christ, Buddha, Krishna and was now extending my spirituality to astral travel to what is known as the Akashic Records or the Great Library of Light as it has also been called. In that place I was able to communicate with my Father and create a tether from that side to our side in order to allow constant communication. This is why I often say that people who “die” don’t go anywhere, they go everywhere. I had also incorporated a healthy amount of time to the practice of lucid dreaming as well as learning the tarot. I believe it was my emersion in the knowledge of the tarot that finally allowed my consciousness to pierce through the veil after I had come to a scientific knowledge of what in fact the tarot is.



I don’t intend to go into great detail here because I believe the work of Michael Tsarion in regards to the tarot is your best bet for grasping what it is. However I will give you my condensed idea of what the tarot deck actually is. The tarot was delivered to us over time by the gypsy’s of Europe and it doesn’t take too much etymological reach to ascertain that the word gypsy derives from Egyptian. I think the existence of the pyramids is enough to bring pause to any skeptic who would propose that those things were built with hammers and chisels. No, I don’t think with the knowledge that we have now it is intellectually responsible to suggest that those monuments of wonder were created with technology of this Earth and especially of this Earth in a sense of ancient history as we have been lead to believe. The pyramids (and not just the ones in Egypt) are the elephants in the room when it comes to the subject of disclosure and are we alone in the Universe. Ptoeey on youee if you seriously believe that this planet is the only rock with life on it and furthermore that life from out there has not visited us down here. The sheer probability in the statistics alone are enough to make one’s nose bleed and like the man said “The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.”

I think however that with the idea that we are not alone, the philosophy of the great Bill Hicks should be considered in that infinite possibility does exist in outer space but that is equally true with inner space as well. There is just as much “out there” as there is “in here” and as more and more people are realizing; the individual is a Universe unto itself. So is it such a stretch to understand that perhaps the ancient Egyptians knew a little more about “reality” than we, a society suffering from mass amnesia, know now? After all, who the hell knows what kind of wisdom and knowledge was destroyed and horded in the destruction of the library of Alexandria and beyond? Who knows what facts of our origins, design and intent have been suppressed by the darker forces in our world? As empires form and rise to conquer, the keepers of ancient knowledge always have to go into hiding; not because they have nefarious goals but because they must survive. They have a calling to protect the ancient knowledge and pass it through time so that at some point it can blossom again like a lotus. Organized religion has always been about the business of seeking these kinds of people out and slapping the title of heretic on them. It’s easier to murder people by the droves when you can dehumanize them with harsh titles. Makes the sheep of the planet applaud when they have their massacres and gladiator matches with defenseless and unarmed Christians in the colosseum.

It is my understanding of the tarot that its existence is in fact a means to conceal and pass along ancient knowledge from our Egyptian ancestors. From my understanding it is an encoded computer program or code to the subconscious mind. The imagery and numbers incorporated in the tarot are not merely mystical images so much as they are scientifically arranged iconography utilizing sacred geometry in order to perform a certain function. It is my belief that this function is to unlock memories in the mind of the person using them in order to remember past lives by way of unlocking genetic memory. If one were to use the tarot for this purpose, remembering past lives, one would ultimately come to the realization that they have died. Once that really sinks in, the next realization is that not only have they died, but they have died a whole bunch. Now when someone comes to the realization of reincarnation and the idea that they have died countless times, the definition of death is completely upended. The notion of death suddenly becomes moot. When one KNOWS they have died, where then is the sting of future death? It simply goes poof. The idea of death becomes as common place as a sneeze. When death is finally reduced to this, the fear of death is as well. What you have at that point is a mind, spirit and body that has broken free from the bonds of control. You have become the visionary that chooses to leave Plato’s cave.




I urge people to be cautious when entering into the world of the tarot because it is a powerful field in metaphysics. By simply looking at the images on the cards the walls of isolation in the traumatized mind will begin to collapse and an adherent will begin to see the world without time. Now it is very true that those who attempt to tap into the metaphysical world with ill intent, such as practioners of black magic, that realm always allows them enough rope to hang themselves; for those of us seeking higher experiences of existence it can still be a very rough ride though we are protected throughout the journey. I think what I would advise is this; if you do not feel as if you are on your last incarnation or don’t get the sense that you are ready to break free from Samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth, leave the tarot alone. If it is your intent to gain metaphysical abilities to do harm to others or advance yourself at the expense of others; please don’t fuck about with the tarot. It will not end pretty for you.

When I first began to learn them I was well aware that in using them certain doors would be opened and at the time I believed I was ready to experience that, but honestly you are never ready. Nothing can really prepare you for what waits on the other side of the veil. The notion of death being a farce had occurred to me, and as I thought back on my life I realized that I had indeed died several times through means of trauma. The fear of it was dripping off of me like sweat, but there were still some breakthroughs I knew I needed before I fully grasped it all; if such a thing is possible.

All of us have been traumatized before the age of six I would say. Typically it is done through either physical violence or child molestation. Though many have blocked this out and for good reason, it is the underlying fact of our species. Most of us have been traumatized in our early years and this is by design. Typically in instances of early childhood trauma the abuser is either an adherent to the Catholic Church or the fraternity of Freemasons and its subsidiaries. As long as I have researched it I have never found an exception. Though some have denied vehemently that they were abused as a child, the violent nature of their protestations is evidence that they have blocked it in their psyche and the memory is too painful to return to. This is to be expected. Nevertheless, the fact remains that even if I am wrong in saying all of us were traumatized; my claims can be supported somewhat with the number of circumcisions that happen every day. That practice alone is enough to traumatize a few generations of males. Do we even need to extrapolate outward how that trauma affects their relationships with women who possibly weren’t traumatized? The ripple effect alone of one generation of males butchered at a young age is enough to affect the entire morphic field of humanity. Taking that into consideration and I believe I am on safe ground to say we have pretty much been fucked up for quite a few generations; unless you believe forced penis mutilation is a normal thing.


We suck young blood


I think the question we should ask at this point is what is the purpose for traumatizing all of us, if in fact there is some vampiric race outside of visible light that would be so inclined to do so? As I have said before, there is most definitely a reason. Before the age of six, before our spinal column is fully developed, our energy is unencumbered. The crown chakra is open in children that have not been tainted by the darker forces of the Universe. They still maintain the connection from root chakra to crown chakra; they are still in tune with the language of the Universe. I believe it is this connection that Yeshua the Christ tried to describe to us when he talked about the innocence of a child. If there was anything He was adamant about it was making sure that children were protected from evil and evil intent. If Yeshua had any bone of contention that really pissed Him off it was when children were used in a harmful way. He openly recognized that the dark forces of the Universe preyed upon children and it was to this practice He issued His greatest threats. You hurt a kid; your ass was in His sling. And while Yeshua was a fun loving guy for the most part but if He caught you hurting kids you were in store for a world of fucking hurt. I believe in this ideology, I agree with it very much. I don’t often believe in bringing the hammer down on people of ill intent; unless it involves children. That is when you will find the son of a bitch in me. I am not too keen on letting those without a voice be slung around as instruments of hate, which children typically are. They are used far too often as weapons of war in a domestic sense as well as a global sense, and that is a sad fact. Some so called parents use them to gain leverage over their former spouse, some use them as wards of the state to get whatever they can grab, some as chess pieces in a game with their enemies and of course child protective services. Far and few between are there found parents that will cultivate the mind, spirit and body of a child to higher evolution rather than seeing them and treating them as pawns of some sort.

The energy of a child is one of the most powerful things in the Universe. Its purity and clarity is unmatched and for this reason it is a rare commodity for those who feed off of energy, be they archons, demons, psychic vampires, pedophiles or abusers of any sort. A child’s energy is the most sought after among vibrations and when you know that you must take the responsibility of protecting them at all cost. Children have a sense of reincarnation from the moment of birth and if one were so inclined to listen they would hear a child speak of past lives they have no doubt they lived. So when do we, former children, forget our past lives? I believe it is at the moment of trauma. I believe at the moment of trauma our memories are scrambled so to speak and in this theory I am not alone. After all, our own government used trauma based mind control under MK ULTRA to create alternative identities for purposes most naughty. The idea is to create so much trauma in a human mind that it must create other personalities in order to escape the pain of what is happening. This is where many of your assassins come from that ironically don’t seem to remember what they did after they did it. Essentially, as a safety protocol we will create a personality under extreme stress that is able to deal or cope with the stress. We literally become someone else. At this point we should ask the question of if we are who we are and that cannot be changed, or if at any moment we can reimagine ourselves to whom we want to be. After all, if the government is doing it to us for ill will, why can’t we do it willingly for our highest good? I think we can.

This type of process not only works in current incarnations, but in past incarnations as well. Consider that you have reincarnated several times. Do you not think that the process of dying in those past lives was traumatic? Perhaps it was so traumatic that you preferred to scramble your memories and reboot in another body rather than face the fact that you have died. Perhaps in order to protect your own mind which was not ready to accept death, you simply created a new identity in another time and started over again. I think this is what has been happening to us for a very long time. It is also my belief that the ancient Egyptians knew there would be a period in human history where this became common practice. For them it was not so. They had the initiation of the pyramid which demonstrated to the initiates that death was merely an illusion. We on the other hand have not been so fortunate. Knowing we would have to endure a stage of hypnotic forgetfulness, the Egyptian mystics and knowers encoded our collective consciousness into what we know today as the tarot.

The tarot is a computer program so to speak. It is not some mystical mumbo jumbo. It is a software program designed to activate memories in those who would use them. The doorways that are opened while using them are doorways into the mind of our current incarnation as well as the minds of all our genetic memory donors. It allows us upon proper use to weave the fabric of our existence back together. If one were to use the tarot for other purposes this program would be dormant, however if you one were to use it with this thinking pattern in mind it most certainly will open up the personalities trapped in the mind. I urge caution however; some of your past incarnations you might not be so proud of. The realization that perhaps you have been a murderous tyrant in centuries gone by or yet to come can also be quite traumatic. I think the real problem with remembering a past life is the point where you have to disassociate who you were from who you are now. You have to come to a place where you are free to choose your own destiny rather than letting the past choose it for you. Sure, you may have been Vlad Tepes or Adolph Hitler in a past life but that doesn’t mean that is who you are now. Being able to separate such memories is where most seekers of the truth run into the greatest of trouble. I know for me this was especially true.

How is one supposed to go about being married when they meet someone they were married to in a past life? Believe me when I say it can become quite a pickle.




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