Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

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Another huge misconception about reincarnation is that it happens in a linear fashion. I cannot express to you enough how wrong this idea is and has been propagated by very limited thinking. The typical idea of reincarnation is that a soul or spirit enters into their first life at a certain point, lives their life until the end, then reincarnates at a time after the first incarnation and so the process continues until they balance their karma or become enlightened following time as we conceive it. Say for example you first incarnated on this planet in oh, I don’t know, 30 A.D… You live, you die, and then you reincarnate in say 65 A.D. but can only vaguely remember your past life and when you do it is typically in dreams or visions to remind you that you have been here before but it’s never really tangible. You continue about in this manner until you finally reach an incarnation say in the 1990’s or 2000’s where the jigsaw puzzle is put back together and you realize that you are an eternal being and death doesn’t really exist. While this is partially true, I do not believe it is completely true. No, the Universe is far more creative than that.


In my experience, reincarnation is not in fact linear. It does not follow history or time as we conceive time. For example your first incarnation could have well been in the year 4025 A.D. only to have your second in the year 4025 B.C… When we reincarnate we don’t necessarily do it in the linear fashion that most think. While this can get complicated, it also makes things very interesting when trying to fit the jigsaw pieces to the puzzle of life together. To get a better grip on this notion I would advise you read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell or if you are short on time listen to Led-Zeppelin’s Kashmir. It’s pretty much explained to the T in those two works of art. This being said it is also very possible to meet yourself in the same lifetime in different incarnations or people you currently know in different incarnations. This is best described by Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon. With reincarnation at its fullest potential you can not only meet yourself, but others in your life in different bodies at different points of incarnation or enlightenment. This came to me as quite a surprise. It also happened to change the course of the life I was living, or rather the life of the person whose memories I now retain.


I want to make the distinction at this point that the story I am telling is not indeed mine. It is the collaborative memories of a dead man. While I recall them as if they were my own experiences, alas, they are not. That guy pretty much checked out quite some years ago. Incorporating his memories into my own thinking has been rather difficult so I am going to try and be precise as I can in going further. I may speak as him in the first person, but I assure you, that is for the sake of convenience. One of the key traits that someone is about to break out of the cycle of reincarnation is a diagnosis of multiple personality disorder. It isn’t that they are crazy or need meds; it’s that they are getting down loads they can’t quite process. They aren’t quite ready to accept the fact that they have in fact died. After all, admitting you have died is quite a traumatic event. To be more accurate, all traumatic events are in fact death.


You see, you have died several times. All of us have. When you experience trauma that is indeed death. However, death really doesn’t exist so what happens is that when you die, your mind rewrites what happens to provide a blue print where you survive and go on from the point of trauma. From their perspective you did die of suicide or a sleeping pill overdose. They continue on in that fashion. From your perspective you just pick up where you left off. You wake up day after day no matter how much harm you do to yourself. No matter how much you just want to blink out, you can’t really. You just start the next day where you left off and what you don’t realize is that you actually did die, in terms of dying, but continue on in a different dimension as it were.


A brief look at string theory would do you well at this point. Your consciousness is eternal and cannot die. When it does supposedly “die” it simply steps over into another reality where you survived. This is why suicide is just a waste of time. You may think it is a quick bookend to a series you don’t want to finish but in all actuality it is an extension on the story you are living. And like any good story, it isn’t going to end until the author writes “the end”.


The first time I died was at around the age of six. I was not allowed in public school at the age of five because my birthday was one day after registration day. Lucky me. However when I was accepted I remember being completely terrified of not being around my parents. I remember the fear of being in some institution that didn’t have the first clue about me and there was no one I could run to. Over time I became acclimated to the system. Walking in straight lines to the restroom, raising hands when wanting to be addressed, the whole nine yards. I think I had managed one full year before I died the first time.


School had let out and from what I am told a car nearly ran me over as I ran from the playground to my Dad’s Aerostar van. Complete shit van line by the way. Nevertheless, I was told later that a car almost ran me down. I don’t remember that but also can’t deny it from eyewitness accounts. The second account I do remember. My dad had to take my brother and sister to some softball practice and before he did he had to let me off at the house.


“Look both ways son. Look both ways before you cross” He said.

So as I got out I did just that. I stopped in front of the van to make sure nothing was coming then began running to the house. At that age sixteen feet is really, really far. As I started my run this huge metal car came out of nowhere. It was going much faster than the neighborhood speed limit sign allowed and in shock, I fell on the concrete. The last thing I saw was the tire of this titan car slamming into my head. I remembered my dad screaming but I don’t know what he said. My head was on the concrete and this car was coming at me full speed. I have two memories at this point. One is that the car didn’t stop in time and I died. The other is that the car did stop within inches of my nose and I lived. Which one is true? Did I die that day, or did I get up and live? I think that is the answer to all of our mysterious questions at the point of trauma. Did we live or did we die?


After travelling to the places I have been I think the answer is both. We died, yet we lived. Perhaps we didn’t have a firm grasp on it but the truth of the matter is that with every traumatic event we die, and recreate ourselves in a fashion best suited to pick up where we left off. I think that is the first time it happened to me, but obviously not the last. Of course this idea didn’t occur to me until I turned 33 years of age, but looking back there have been several occasions where I believe I have died. I think if you ponder on your own life you will find the same. Once I was shot in the eye by an arrow at the age of eight or so, I don’t think I survived that and my teenage years are certainly rife with death experiences. I was shot, beaten by street gangs, overdosed a few times, got in plenty of drunken car accidents and obviously committed several suicides because some girl I fancied didn’t return that fancy. As I said, at the time I didn’t realize I was actually dying during all those traumatic events, I just thought I was waking up the next day. Starting life over from where it left off with the aftermath of whatever insanity I had engaged in the night before. It wouldn’t be until I reached 33 that I realized each and every time one of those events transpired I was actually shifting over to a dimension in which I survived.


The key thing to note, I believe, is that I retained my memories in a linear fashion. Typically with reincarnation your memories are scrambled before you come back, but for some reason my memories were staying linear. I was able to recall everything from birth up until my current moment in the order in which it happened. In most schools of thought that consider reincarnation this only happens when you have reached your last life or incarnation. This only happens when you have balanced your karma and have chosen to break free from Samsara, or the wheel of death and rebirth. It is that life that you have selected before incarnating in the first place where you finally wake up to the reality of it all and break free. The moment you shed your fear of death, because you have done it for time and eternity, is the moment you shed yourself of fear. The moment you shed yourself from fear is the moment you truly become free. Understanding that you are an eternal being that can never die is the key turning point in Enlightenment, it is the moment you realize there is nothing to fear…like ever. We live in a holographic Universe of our own making and the idea of death is the big drop off in the story of our lives. We have been conditioned to think that when death comes it’s all over and we had better have some religion or something but the truth is; death never comes. It doesn’t exist. Your consciousness will continue on in some form or fashion until you finish the story of your life.


This frees one from the regulations of religion and allows free expression of the soul, spirit and mind. For those still stuck in religion, I say they are simply not ready to break free. That is their choice in the incarnation they have chosen. Allow them their reality. It is not our job to shake them awake from the dream that is religion; it is only our duty to give them hints to help them ascend in their next life perhaps. Those of us who realize this truth have become the new legion of angels, or angles of Light. We have crossed the threshold of Life and Death and know that door swings back and forth. Some are ready and some simply are not. It is not our place to force what we see on them, for they have chosen to see it in their own time. Our job is to simply watch, and on occasion make a difference.




Before I realized all of this, before it all made sense, I remember meeting my former wife in another body, in another incarnation. It wasn’t obvious to me at the time, but now it is crystal clear. I frequented a vitamin shop down the road from me where I got all my supplements and the young lady that always attended to me was strangely familiar to my red headed wife. She had the same essence, she had the same gestures, but there were differences. As I said, I never allowed myself to be in a position where it would be perceived that I was unfaithful, however I could not deny that there was most certainly some soul connection. It was as if we knew each other beyond the lives we lived. Every time I interacted with her was as if I was interacting with my wife on a different level. This happened a few times before I was confronted with the cold reality of David Icke’s world, the existence of what he calls reptilian shape shifters. When I first heard him I thought it was just bullocks, but as I live and breathe I will tell you that they do exist. Not only do they exist, but they are adamant that folks like you and I not proceed one inch further. Most people don’t want to talk about it because they might be committed, but the truth is, there is a race of reptiles that has been preying on the whole of humanity for quite some time. You can deny it, and that is okay, but at the end of the day that is what they want. They feed off of our negative emotions and that feeds their society more than we know. Once you acknowledge they exist you are able to fight back, but you can’t until you acknowledge them. The problems we are having are due to the lack of acknowledgment.


The last death I would have at the hands of my own wife would show that not only are they there, but they have been waging a war with us for centuries that we have been ill informed about. They operate through secret societies like the Freemasons to persuade others to do their bidding, which is exactly what I think, happened to my ex-wife. I believe she was programed to kill me because of the political activism I was doing. However that is a different story.




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