Podcast 33: What is Truth?

This 33rd podcast puts a nice book end on a first set I think so for a while yours truly will be pulling back from them and media in general to work on some projects for publication in the near future. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the podcast since before its launch and look forward to returning to it after some other irons in the fire are forged from Downloadedcontent.com. Until then you can still expect the short articles I call Squalls to come out as they are inspired and given the breath of life while I work on the manuscripts calling my name for completion. I appreciate all of you out there who subscribe to the podcast or go to the website to have fun in my playground of expression in all its different forms. If you haven’t already, please pick up a copy of my novel Then Came the Flood in the format of your choice at amazon.com or whichever book retailer you prefer and don’t forget to suggest it to others who may enjoy it. As for the website and further podcasts to be produced you can lend your support by becoming my patron at PATREON.COM/DLC and that will allow me to get another set off of the ground. Please don’t assume others are going to because that’s just not true and believe me when I say that every dollar is greatly appreciated. So if you have ever liked, laughed and shared something I have done show your support by ensuring I can continue to produce higher quality material by becoming said patron. So until I am back behind the microphone I wish you all well and send nothing but love your way. Ta-Ta

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Daniel Louis Crumpton, author of the groundbreaking novel Then Came the Flood (Westbow Press), has written extensively since his debut in 2012 in the areas of philosophy, spirituality, alternative history and politics with a complete lack of reverence or dogmatism that those areas often demand. His writing has been featured on ZENINTHECAR.COM, OCHELLI.COM, THE LIBERTYBEACON.COM, DOWNLOADEDCONTENT.COM amongst many others. His views, ideas, insights and humorous perspectives on current social and political issues have been heard on internationally and nationally syndicated radio broadcasts such as Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, Lighting the Void with Joe Rupe, The Ochelli Effect with Chuck Ochelli, The Vinny Eastwood Show and soon Coast to Coast with George Noory. Daniel Louis Crumpton’s ongoing experimental, introspective and conscious streamed writings, podcasts, videos and interviews can be found collected at DOWNLOADEDCONTENT.COM.

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