The Flat Earth Article I Didn’t Want to Write But Did Anyway

I look for lowly rated movies on Netflix in the wee hours of the night, while the world around me sleeps, and where I do most of my current life existing. I seek out the obscure documentary, the unlikely comedy or the hidden gems of indie films that can quite honestly expand a person’s consciousness in unexpected ways if one were so inclined to entertain them from start to finish. It was one of these films, in one of those said categories where a throw-away line came into my being. Like a sudden gasp in more awareness having just heard something so simple, yet so profound and humble enough to hide its secrets in a low budget Jared Leto movie everyone gave only two stars for. I am of the opinion that the movies the masses spurn with critique are usually the one’s speaking to a different level of consciousness, awareness and state of being than the mindless and endless sequels of pop-corn, bubble-gum glam and glitz special effects parades. Simply put; most people just don’t get them. Anyway, the line from one of these movies was something like “When you don’t make a choice, anything is possible.” I might have hacked it up a bit, but you get the idea. That statement caused me to pause the movie and really ponder what the hell I just heard in regards to life, the universe and everything (thank you very much, Mr. Adams) and the decisions I have made in my life.


When reflecting upon one’s life questions of “what if?” or “if this hadn’t happened, then this other thing over here wouldn’t have happened” that could end very poorly, or quite encouragingly enough, depending on exactly who is doing the reflecting; the ultimate destination of the trains of thought should lead to the station of the meaning of life. The problem with most people, is that they have in recent decades, engineered themselves and the society they interact with to be too distracted in order to ride the train on home. Before we can meditate on what life is, a text chimes us away. If we dare to examine inwardly the nature and existence of life itself and roll over questions on if God exists and if so, how to we relate to It; we have to see how many likes and or emoti-thingies we have on that recent post we put up to have other’s evaluate and validate our existence as a person. Just one more flat-earth video on YouTube before we can pull ourselves away from others in individuation from technological, familiar, and socialite/status in one group think expression or the other. Nope, no more time for any of that, we have 24 hours of shit on the streaming T.V. to choose from so there will be no realization of ourselves within the Universe today, nor embodiment of the role within it that we previously had so wanted to play. And in my state of inner-snobbishness I realized that I was guilty too, of this shortcoming, in some regard or another I mean hey, come on; nobody’s perfect right?


The truth is that all of us, as human beings, in the past few decades have evolved. It happened so fast that very few of us noticed, and when we did notice we really couldn’t agree as to what to make of it. With the advent of the internet’s re-discovery, mankind has put the needle of information and or input heroin right into our vein. And we, homo-so they sapiens, need instant access to literally everything, and we want it smaller and smaller and faster and faster and if it dares buffer we will throw a fucking fit. Throwing temper tantrums at tiny, infinite juke boxes in the palm of our hands because it plays twenty second commercials in between non-stop music from anywhere in the world and any culture you can imagine. We are like spoiled brats plopped on the floor screaming “Mine! Mine! Mine!” But I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing.


It means we are going through an infancy stage in evolution which at least shows me that this whole “life” thing is moving somewhere which demands the existence of some giant ethereal will, desire and aspiration which kind of smacks of intelligence to me but whatever. Being here means something, is what I am getting at, reader. Being conscious is supposed to have a point and life just feels right when you know what yours is. When you don’t; not so much. Nevertheless, we have jacked into a form of collective conscious communication with one another and the points in between getting input, percolating on the input and getting new input are getting shorter and shorter. We, as a people, want more information and we want it at higher speeds. Now when I say we are addicted to information and input at this point, I don’t necessarily mean that we are addicted to good information or good input. It could be total bullshit for all we care, know or care to know. Information that is common knowledge is no longer chic and risqué. No, if you want to swing with the real good addicts you have to somehow find yourself in a minority or super, secret group of people who are privy to special or limited information. You want to be ahead of the curve and able to feel like you “own” some piece of information before it gets to the main stream. That pattern of behavior can sometimes become a crap shoot, let me tell you. So enter the dreaded flat earth theory.


That last line just caused a ripple of panties going into wads for a whole lot of people as it ended with the word theory. Because in case you haven’t noticed as of late, the idea that the Earth is flat rather than spherical has pulled a Jesus Christ and resurrected back onto the scene with more followers than the Messiah had during His last tour of duty and some of them are down right defensive about this position. When the topic had come across my radar as the next old, new thing, like a modern reboot of an old 80’s cartoon or something I really didn’t pay it too much attention. I imagined it would have its day as a fad and be gone, and while that has yet to happen, it will. There will be a day in the not too distant future where many a facebookian will be secretly deleting all their flat Earth truths from their timeline like hiding pictures of themselves with feathered hair or sporting a George Michael, five o’clock shadow. But not right now. Right now flat earth is the crystal meth of conspiracies and some once promising free thinkers are absolutely hooked which takes them out of the evolution game with the rest of us and behind a Denny’s to do hand jobs for more “Where’s the curvature?” memes.


Fuck JPL, Dawg!


Now I am an open minded guy, and I too enjoy the occasional conspiracy tale brought to my attention for playful consideration. There are some that don’t pan out on their face, like say, the moon being made of cheese and of course there are plenty out there that have way too many hanging chads to not have some validity to them. The conspiracies that have some validity typically come to you without much form or firm threads to follow through the forest to a satisfactory conclusion. It takes a while to even get oriented on where to begin when doing your research on the ones that probably affect you in any way. So when a conspiracy pops up and the proponents of that theory are given an inch to show you endless charts, graphs, models, videos, lectures, interviews and logically flaccid points; you have to see the resemblance to some of your more successful modern day cults. As for me, when a J-Dub, Mormon or flat Earther come knocking at my proverbial door with all this shiny “proof” my smile replies “Well, you guys certainly came prepared… a little too prepared.”


Most people don’t want to come off as stupid or ignorant if they can help it. Most people are simply afraid to say of something that they simply do not know. When you take a person like that and begin a discussion where you have with you all these charts, models, mathematical equations and rabbit trail “factoids” that you blast them with back to back knowing full well they do not fully understand any of it because you yourself don’t honestly understand most of it; you can’t expect anything from them except timid conversion. They may nod in agreement and through repetition of your charts and shit begin to make themselves believe they get it; but that is merely a self-defense mechanism so they don’t have to say “I don’t know what the hell any of this means to themselves in rapid succession. Having a background with the kingdom of the cults, and personally having knocked over the foundation stones of belief of many a member, I can assure you that nine times out of ten a staunch belief is rarely based in fact as much as it is based in emotion. It was not about what they understood when they had been shown charts, models, videos and pictures rather it was what they felt or were lead to feel when they were shown those well prepared nick-nacks. Invite some Mormon missionaries or some Jehovah’s Witnesses over to your house one evening and allow them the opportunity to give you their whole presentation from beginning to end. Watch for their memorized, mechanical talking points shared by every single member yet passed off as if it is original thought. Take note of every power point on a flip over, spiral chart or digital device and finally wait for the conclusion where ultimately the sales pitch is closed with an appeal to your feelings regarding what you saw or heard. Then go talk to a rabid flat Earther and see if they share the modus operandi of the LDS or the Watchtower.


A picture I found of Eric Dubay not wearing a dress…just sayin’…dude likes to wear dresses is all…


Now as far as I can tell, the prophet of the Flat Earth Church is some guy named Eric Dubay, at least it’s the name that I keep ending up at when trying to find out the origins of this modern cult mentality. If you want to understand the underlying consciousness of a cult collective, trace it back to the most recent and loudest voice to pinpoint the pattern of thinking that will echo in the converts. And of course if you have the time to listen to hours and hours of this guy machine gun off his rationale for the Earth being flat it ultimately begins with his misunderstanding in grade school as to how people and water don’t fly off of a giant, spinning ball and the answer of gravity just didn’t sit well with his spaghetti-o’s. I would love to tell you that in between grade school and his 20’s young Eric endeavored to study astronomy, math, science and physics so he could one day become an astronaut and get the answers of the globe first hand only to discover through experience that it was indeed flat as a pancake…but that’s not what happened. No, in his early 20’s Eric dove head first into the conspiracy world and immediately super-imposed that lens of perception on his lack of understanding of gravity and globes. Long story short; the guy fills in the gaps from grade school to his books on the Earth being flat being published and promoted with subtle leaps of faith in thinking to more complicated “proofs” most people simply are not qualified to get. And once you publish a book on how the Earth must be flat, well, you are pretty much married to the idea and better dig your heels in for the long haul.


Typically when a messenger from a cult is trying to lull you in they begin with a Vaseline coated idea they attempt to penetrate you with before you are able to test its veracity and call it out as the bullshit that it is from the get go. With this Eric Dubay guy, the departure from stability to fairy tale thinking that allows the rest of his theories is that without being told by NASA or the public education system otherwise, you would naturally assume that you lived on a completely flat plane. This is the greasy tip you better block before he shoves in the shaft and has you talking like a retard to your friends and family dear reader. Now mind you, he says it so subtle and swift that before you know it he has moved on to the fish eye lens being responsible for everything, NASA faking everything (and I mean everything) with CGI and anyone who has ever been on a plane that saw the curvature of the Earth being either duped by some strange effect in their window or apart of the conspiracy themselves and along the way he might make a good point here or there. But for me, being pragmatic, I have to test the first assertion before I entertain anything else. Would I assume that the Earth is a flat plane if I had never explored this thought before?


I cleared my mind for a moment and engaged my imagination. I did what I could to clear away any cob web of preconception before opening my front door and when I did I saw a shit load of Georgia pines reaching up while swaying from the rolling hills they grew from. I looked up and to the left to see if I could ever recall traveling at any point in my life, anywhere in my life, on a perfectly flat plane. The memories in my mind all returned with a resounding “no” to the question of if it could pull up any image whatsoever of a strictly flat plane. Sure, the memory videotape of my life looking out at eye level wouldn’t allow me to jump to globe Earth…but it sure as shit couldn’t let me jump to a completely flat plane either. Before I can saddle up and ride off with Eric Dubay and his flat Earth posse into the sunset (which I guess isn’t technically going to happen regardless of what shape the Earth is) that first assumption he would have me make is a go, no go for launch. Yet because he appeals to such an assumption as “common sense” the person listening allows the entry without wanting to question what has been labeled “common sense”.


My common sense however tells me that certainly whatever I am on, it is rather big. So in my thinking the best way to get a bead on this whole concept is to find some things that I am not in fact on and compare or contrast those things with this thing and see what can be gleaned. Naturally I find that the Georgia pines are reaching up for something, as well as most other plant life and so perhaps they are pointing me in the right direction…and oh look…there’s this giant glowing yellow ball up in the sky. I can safely say that big, giant, glowing thing is indeed spherical as it maintains its roundness regardless of where it happens to be in the sky. It never appears oblong or flat like a disc regardless of if it is coming from the East, hovering overhead or going off into the West. Thankfully I have done a good deal of solar gazing over the years so looking directly at the sun in the morning, glancing throughout the day, and staring directly into it at sunset has acclimated me to the onslaught of rays that blind most people that don’t often gaze. When you solar gaze eventually the sun will appear quite black as your eyes adjust to see the actual circle of the star and the size thereof. When you witness this with your own two eyes, and not through the lens of a camera on some YouTube video made by a flat earth advocate, what you can deduce is that the sun stays the same size from dawn, to noon and finally dusk. I know, I know, trusting your own two eyes to relay information to you when there are scores of YouTube videos to the contrary is so old fashioned but hey, I used remember when 143 on a pager meant something man.


When the sun has vanished and my moon plants begin to bloom I often, but not always, get to spend my evenings by the light of the lunar orb above me. When she is shining full and bright the surface bears the scars of what appears to be to a celestial beating, with craters and lines that with the naked eye clearly show curvature and indicate to the onlooker down here on Earth that the moon is a sphere. That being said, though the moon is a little more flexible in form than the sun on any given night with phases and what not; it too still remains relatively the same size when it retires as it had when it appeared. Neither the sun nor the moon has ever appeared to me to be on an approach to my front porch when their shift starts or a departure when it is time to punch out. Which is a problem for the flat Earth model of how the sun and the moon are supposed to work; which from what I can tell is more like a clock than anything with the sun being the minute hand and the moon being the second hand. They have the two lights circling a flat disc and insisting to the eager acolytes that the appearance of a sun rise is merely an illusion; (which kind of implicates God in this fucked up conspiracy if you are honest but let’s not insinuate the Almighty in being a prankster because all good conspiracies need God on their side in the end, now don’t they?). Basically, if the sunrise and sunset are as the flat earth models suggest, on approach and departure, Sol itself should change size significantly throughout the day. To become an expert on this whole dilemma I suggest you dial up Grover on Sesame Street and have him explain the difference between near and far to your satisfaction.



Now back to the original assumption Eric Dubay tried to slip past us; that without guidance from NASA or public education one would naturally assume they were living on a flat plane. No Mr. Dubay, one would only assume the sun and the moon are coming at you from over yonder with the guidance of some stupid flat Earth model on YouTube that doesn’t even attempt to demonstrate actual scale or some asshole in his kitchen with some string and a tennis ball recording as he runs it back and forth in front of the camera. This may come as a surprise to many of you out there, but believe it or not, the five senses of a human beings first-hand experience is probably more reliable when it comes to determining the shape of the sun and moon than adobe creative suite in the hands of a bias YouTuber. Now to be fair, one could possibly come to the conclusion that the planet they live on is something other than a sphere but to conclude the sun and moon are not spheres is evidence of shit for brains. Again as a pragmatist when I consider the sun, moon and Earth together, my rational faculties would be much more inclined to assume that things in the cosmos or going to be more like one another than drastically different and when forced to make an assumption about Earth with just my senses I would have to say it too is a sphere. That all being said, the rest of Eric Dubay’s reasoning is going to fall on my deaf ears because the entry point to his thinking is flawed to begin with. Do you know what God’s true name is? Have you prayed about the book of Mormon? Wouldn’t you assume you live on a plane? Different pitch, same game.

To me it seems that a large chunk of this whole phenomenon is the fact that Eric Dubay is indeed well spoken in tandem with soft spoken and can rattle off a whole bunch of shit that dazzles the listener like Kaa’s song to the man cub as he is lifted into the tree to trust. Then again though I can’t really slight Dubay for that, the guy has to sell books about the Earth being flat for God’s sake so he better be able to sell the shit out of the idea, right? That’s almost admirable if you really think about it, though much to the aggravation of oh, I don’t know, scientists. Either way I do indeed tip my hat to Eric Dubay for bringing this shit storm of thought into the public discussion because regardless of what I believe the shape of the Earth is, or what he and his acolytes believe it is or even what it actually is; the process of thought it takes to re-imagine the world at a time where we think we have everything figured out can be a healthy one. It does force many people to stop taking “common knowledge” for granted and has them examining the nuts and bolts of the reality they happen to be living in. It might be to prove the world is a record on God’s phonograph, a ball spinning on His mobile or a video game simulation in his PS5 but at least the nature of reality is being questioned. So what if Eric Dubay makes a few bucks off of it in the process, dude needs to eat and he found himself a niche. The silver lining in the cloud of all this is that considering that the Earth may be flat in a time when most accept it as a sphere, even if for a small amount of time, can be very useful in expanding one’s consciousness. It isn’t in making a decision or taking a position one way or the other that does this; rather just the consideration that such a massive perspective might in fact not be so.


I have to admit that with my vivid imagination I was able to shift my perspective for a few days after coming across all of this to that of a flat Earth. I drank my coffee on the flat Earth, took my dog for a walk on the flat Earth, paid my utility bills on the flat Earth, read a book on the flat Earth, caught a movie on the flat Earth and even convinced a couple of other people that the Earth was indeed flat (though to tell you the truth I did that just to be impish) and do you want to know what I discovered? Drinking coffee, walking dogs, paying bills, reading books, watching movies and talking to dip shits is performed exactly the same on a flat Earth as it was on a spherical Earth. My day to day life was changed in no way whatsoever when I attempted to exist on a flat plane as opposed to my home without a dome. What was different were my thoughts of a cosmic nature or speculations about the Universe and beyond. I found that in make believing I was living on a flat plane, underneath a dome, and make believing rather effectively I might add; my personal consciousness screamed of claustrophobia. Thinking that the sun and the moon were dangling much smaller and closer than before, and I wasn’t allowed to play with planets anymore because they were no longer allowed to exist, made my conception of God shrink to that of a bell hop with a sterling silver dinner plate with a shiny dome on top. The imagery in my mind that Mother Earth was a pancake or a pizza pie underneath that dome with an impassable crust all the way around seemed much more restrictive to what I conceived was possible in existence or where mankind could collectively go. Really, really making myself believe the Earth is flat (even if only for an observational experiment) did not give me the inner feeling of having been created in the image and likeness of any god. It did not make me aspire to one day seek new life or new civilizations out there; because apparently what I can “see” out there is not really out there at all. This perspective made me feel smaller, insignificant and akin to an ingredient on a hungry god’s supper table that had no real possibility of rolling off the plate. The reasoning that some flat Earthers use that living in an ever expanding Universe from a spherical planet makes us insignificant as well as far and detached from God simply doesn’t pan out in my mind. In fact, a flat Earth awareness to me makes God seem like a small minded, infantile, hungry little kid that can’t manage too awful many dimensions as magnificently as NASA would have us believe.

God is a spoiled, little brat


Of course getting the Divine on your side is an essential for any great cause or movement and nothing less is expected in regards to the flat Earth thing. Which means if you are going to be recruiting people into a flat Earth society you better be willing to hatchet up some scriptures from all over the world and force your theory onto texts like stuffing a midget in your carry-on luggage. The go-to for the “mystical, magical, metaphysical” flat Earther is typically the Bible with some of the other scriptures to garnish passages they believe actually teach the world was created as a stationary plane under their favorite word; firmament. When I hear anyone actually cite the Bible as proof for a flat Earth I just smile, rapidly blink my eyes and picture a digital counter going down with a ding each time their IQ point drops to a new number. While it might be fun to actually entertain them each verse and correct their gross misunderstanding of poetic language versus definitive statements, or ignorant shit Bible characters say or think versus what God actually says or thinks; there really isn’t a productive point to be made with them because the truth is that a person using the Bible to support flat Earth has not read the Bible from cover to cover at all. More likely than not you are dealing with a person who saw a list online of “75 verses that teach a flat Earth” and decided that was a sufficient amount of Cliff Notes for them. Just because you see expressions like “corners of the Earth” or the idea that there are “four winds” or pillars here and there doesn’t mean the Earth is a disc or a table with a disc in the middle; it means you are allegorically or analogically illiterate.


Besides the fact that the Bible is not a science book, though it is free to touch on science from time to time for the sake of the overall message, and basing any scientific conclusion to a theory upon it is simply dishonest science; the actual purpose for the entirety of the Bible becomes quite moot if indeed the world is flat. When the 66 books of the Bible are read in the compilation we currently find them in, the message of the entire story is about one thing and one thing only; redemption. Salvation from sin or from falling short on God’s expectations and being placed in transgression is the premise of the whole she-bang. Having our transgressions removed from us is the driving plot from Genesis to Revelation and we can discuss how such a thing ought to be done or done for us another day but for now I am sure that we can agree that the transgressions are God’s beef so the responsibility on how they are dealt with is really on his shoulders. Ultimately it is God that must do the forgiving and forgetting to heal all the cosmic butt-hurt and somehow or another this God character needs to be free of his really unhealthy grudge against humanity. The best way to do that is to make it as if the sin and transgression never happened to begin with and we human beings are no longer identified as one with the transgressions. This is the very endeavor and story the Bible was written for. And it is summated perfectly in Psalm 103:12 which says “As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us” which in context with the entirety of the Bible only makes sense on a sphere where neither West nor East will ever meet. Now you can either accept the clear reading and meaning of the passage and get that you are forgiven completely with an infinite distance between your transgressions and God; or you can try to force an infinite plane or some sort of distance in there which would render the very existence of the Bible meaningless by having done so. So no flat Earthers; even if the Earth actually is flat, the Bible is not in your corner…get it…do you see what I did there?


At this point let me confess that I do not intend to say the Earth is in fact flat or a sphere with an absolute certainty. As I have often said, until I can afford a rocket ship and go up there myself to confirm or deny a sphere, all I can honestly do is infer from my point of observation to other things in my experience what makes the most sense to me. Having become fond of being able to create my own reality and live within it, I have no intention of depriving others of the same ability. Never one to be married to anything, I like the idea of sharing an existence with people who perceive this world in a completely different way with the realization that ultimately our functioning within it doesn’t really change all that much from person to person and perception to perception. The sun still shines and the rain still rains on the flat, round or infinite Earth all the same. But to be quite honest when considering this topic I must admit to touching the third rail in that I am one of those people that think ultimately everything is really a holographic projection anyway. One might consider that a cop-out but it really isn’t because even if everything we can know is a holographic projection, that doesn’t make life less real and it does not do away with the flat earth/round earth debate. The hologram could be projecting a flat plane just as easily as a sphere or even switching it up randomly to keep us on our toes for all we know. While we are in conspiracy theory land; why not entertain the idea that perhaps we once lived on a sphere but have been unknowingly transported onto a Holo-ship to be relocated by a much more advanced race like in Star-Trek: Insurrection and a portion of the population is starting to notice the glitches in the emitters? With the idea of life being a holographic simulation we have come to play in, the sky is the limit really, regardless of if you want a dome up there or not.


One thing I don’t really buy into though, is that the flat Earth movement is a psyop of some kind from the nefarious “They”. I suppose in this case the “They” being blamed is primarily NASA. But I am not gonna lie, I think even the shiftiest and most deceitful people who may or may not work at NASA are face-palming this shit in just as much shock as the rest of us that flat Earth models are in the public discussion with seriousness again. Has NASA lied about some stuff? Yes. Has NASA perhaps fabricated photography or data from time to time? Absolutely. Has NASA told us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in regards to the Apollo missions and our interaction with the moon? Hell no, they have not. Is the motivation for such shiftiness to promulgate the lie of a globe Earth with globe planets and Milky Way galaxies for the mere benefit of extorting “tax payers’ money”? No, that’s just stupid. If they can fund, fake and conceal the “lie” of the globe without ever springing a leak they don’t need a dime I assure you. After all, isn’t it “They” that print the money? What would be the point of such a massively unrealistic maintained conspiracy to collect money they already created to begin with? Now while I do admit that NASA has not been as honest with us as they would claim from time to time I cannot be a religious fanatic like many flat Earthers, and throw the baby out with the bathwater. If a person takes the default position that every single video, still image, fly by or recording going into space or from space among thousands upon thousands of images is either CGI or done in a Hollywood basement because it may show curvature; walk away. No good can come from interacting with this person unless you wish to become dumber as a result of interacting with them. If you absolutely must interact with them…like if it is a life or death thing…ask them if they have a single image of the flat plane Earth that isn’t an artist rendering of some sort then just be silent. Just by sheer odds alone, if one image out of thousands upon thousands, be they still or live streamed from the international space station of Earth with curvature is real…then globe Earth is real. Compare NASA’s image with the image produced by the flat Earth society; then place your bets.


Always bet on Ice Wall


I think the explanation for much of NASA’s deceitfulness has already been well established and documented and quite frankly puts the pieces of the puzzle together far more logically than a flat Earth theory does. In 1960 NASA commissioned a think tank to evaluate the effects of discovering extra-terrestrial life and the over-all opinion of the Brookings Report was that if this were to happen the everyday person would lose their shit and the established structures of our civilization would quite possibly implode. Religion, government, currency all would come crashing down around a consciousness that simply was not ready to join a galactic and universal community among the stars. And I have to admit; I agree with that report in regards to the consciousness of the 1960’s. If I were to be completely honest, I don’t really know if we are ready for that grand realization en masse in the 21st century either. Sure, there are many more of us who wouldn’t flip out if what we personally already knew became official in some capacity now than back then; but until humanity deals with some basic shit, as a whole we are not ready. Contact is inevitable though, one way or the other, so it makes sense to me that the pioneers in this type of thinking continue in aspiration towards that destination. Send men to the moon, shoot probes out to the far reaches of the solar system, land rovers on Mars and maintain the position that we are alone but carefully leak from time to time images of straight lines and geometry out there for those with eyes to see. NASA winks at us, and we wink back. Kind of reminds me of grown-ups using code to talk about sex around children. You can curse them for denying that structures can be seen on released images of the moon, Mars and in the rings of Saturn but don’t forget; the images were in fact released.


Claims that anything and everything that NASA releases is special effects usually is followed by a boastful and confident laugh that invites the listener to sheepishly say “…well, obviously” but how many of them actually have experience in cinematography to begin with to verify this extremely vast, blanket statement? As someone who dabbles in such areas, I can tell you that after watching an hour of astronauts on the international space station floating up, down and all around each other while fucking about with floating spheres of water and toothpaste without a single cut that shit is most certainly not being filmed on a sound stage or inside of a Boeing simulating zero gravity…if such a thing exists anyway. Flat Earth people have no choice but to make these bold, blanket statements though because as I said before. If just one image that indicated a sphere, heliocentric model or solar system is real; then a round Earth is real. If just one eyewitness account of the Earth’s curvature is true, the opposite cannot be true…unless you want to get into string theory but let’s not do that today.


In my evaluation, the flat Earth resurrection is not some masterfully crafted psyop to divide the Truth Movement, even though if NASA wanted to get our noses completely off the trail of E.T. that would be the only motivation. No, I happen to think that it is actually a result of our recent incremental steps towards singularity with technology. I think that after a generation shifts from observing the physical world around us for the majority of our waking life and interacting with three dimensions of space to continue our story directly to observing our world mostly on tiny, flat plane devices there is bound to be a collective consciousness hiccup on the nature of reality. Take most millennials for example; they have never experienced reality the way generations before them have in 3-D space. There has been less emphasis on the world around them and more emphasis on their flat screen T.V., laptop or smart phone and the input coming from those flat things rather than from all angles around them. Obviously this will manifest in the collective consciousness like an air bubble and I believe this reboot of the flat Earth really is that manifesting quite honestly. And hey, for the most part I think it’s harmless. I think it can be a great device for meditation, perception, imagination and an opportunity to stop and ask ourselves if we really know what we think we know. I admit, there is something really satisfying about suspended belief and turning on a two or three hour documentary that aims to prove or debunk flat Earth once and for all. Having an open mind is a good thing just so long as you make sure it’s not open enough for your brains to fall out.


The only thing that really concerns me about the flat Earth debate is when some of the loudest advocates for it start to turn into Jim Jones and issue decrees from on high. Those guys have prisons and Hell’s to put the unbelievers in who they label ball-lickers, shills and demons. When the conversation begins to go that way you have an altogether different matter to deal with and it’s not science; it’s the evil of religion. When you add to the end of your beliefs “OR ELSE!” you are not talking about logic, reason or progress; you are building a religion. Building religions is an asshole thing to do and what I find even more curious is that while they are building their own little religion they curse the nature of religion while adding more bricks to their own mortar. If forms of thought must be kept in check, I would certainly put that type of thinking at the top of the list.


Now, as someone who prefers to live more metaphysically, there is much more I could add but feel that too would be a little religious leaning or could become a dangerous invite to start a religion if spoken about in great detail. I will say though, that in my personal experiences of both astral travel and out of body experiences I have witnessed the predominant form in which Earth reasonably prefers to be perceived through certain deductions. Those experiences are my own. They were for me and me alone and in no way should be perceived by others to be truth for them nor a gospel to be preached by me; after all we each walk through our own doors of perception. I encourage everyone of sound mind to wiggle on the knobs of those doors for themselves if they are ready for what they might find. However even without those grand escapades throughout the Universe, I have to admit that creation itself bespeaks its Creator. From the sub-atomic, to the fertilized egg, to the womb, up the heart, into the brain and out of the eyes into the heavens we observe spheres and orbs with sometimes awkward, sometimes sublime rotundity. When I take that into consideration I bow to my Creator and whisper back; “As within, so without, as below, so above.


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Daniel Louis Crumpton, author of the groundbreaking novel Then Came the Flood (Westbow Press), has written extensively since his debut in 2012 in the areas of philosophy, spirituality, alternative history and politics with a complete lack of reverence or dogmatism that those areas often demand. His writing has been featured on ZENINTHECAR.COM, OCHELLI.COM, THE LIBERTYBEACON.COM, DOWNLOADEDCONTENT.COM amongst many others. His views, ideas, insights and humorous perspectives on current social and political issues have been heard on internationally and nationally syndicated radio broadcasts such as Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, Lighting the Void with Joe Rupe, The Ochelli Effect with Chuck Ochelli, The Vinny Eastwood Show and soon Coast to Coast with George Noory. Daniel Louis Crumpton’s ongoing experimental, introspective and conscious streamed writings, podcasts, videos and interviews can be found collected at DOWNLOADEDCONTENT.COM.

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